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End of season's greetings: THANK YOU ALL!


Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

The museum has officially closed its doors for the year. We wish to THANK every single person that has made this past season of events possible:

The students and the teachers of the secondary school of Roasio S.Maurizio, the Oropa Sanctuary, Emilio Zanini, Franco Grosso, Gianluigi Avondo, Marco Ferraro Titin with his students Francesca, Ettore and Luca, and lastly the Valle Mosso Chess Club.

Furthermore, we would like to thank our visitors, our members, and our precious volunteers.

See you all next year!



Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

The museum, in association with 'Scacchi club di Valle Mosso' is happy to announce our first ever chess tournament! The competition is open to members as well as non members of the club and will include prizes for players Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8. Registration will close at 14:30, and the tournament will begin at 14:45. The entry fee for adults is 10 Euro, while the entry fee for players Under 16 will be of 5 Euro. For more information regarding rules and regulations please clik on the flyer, visit or send an email to

On the way to Santiago!


Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

The second event in honour of 'Spiritual paths', will revolve around the Camino to Santiago, and the extraordinary adventure of two professors and twelve students of a local High School (Liceo di Cossato). 

Marco Ferraro Titin, professor of Religion and Vice Principal, along with one of the students who this summer, shortly after the end of term, started her pilgrimage towards Santiago del Compostela, will present the account of this wonderful experience. 

The group started their journey in Astorga, Spain, and walked for more than 350 kilometres to reach Finisterre and admire the ocean.

The event will take place on Friday the 7th of October at 20:00.


Admission is free and open to all.

Encounters on the way


Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

2016 has been declared the year of 'Spiritual paths', and in honour of this occasion the museum is delighted to present two events dedicated to spiritual journeys. 

The first event, focuses on 'The way to San Carlo', and will be held on the 24th of September at 16:30. 

Author Franco Grosso, accompanied by photographer Gianluigi Avondo, will present his book by the title 'Il Cammino di San Carlo. Itinerario di cultura e fede da Arona alla Via Francigena, attraverso Verbano, Cusio, Valsesia, Canavese e Biellese'.

Admission is free and the event is open to everyone.

Nature as seen by Emilio

From 30/7/2016 to 28/08/2016

Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

For the whole month of August the museum will host a photographic exhibition displaying the works of Emilio Zanini. 

A nature enthusiast (his motto is "Travel in order to photograph, photograph in order to travel"), Emilio is also member, and Honorary Chairman, of the Foto.Art group of Cossato. He's an amateur photographer who loves landscapes, in particular that of mountains.

The exhibition will be open at the same time as the museum.  

Return to Oropa of the world's piedmont's: we'll be there too!

From 8/07/2016 to 15/07/2016

Oropa, Biella, emigrant museum, emigration, Piemonte, Roasio

In the year of the Jubilee the Sanctuary of Oropa is inviting all Piedmonteses abroad, of origin and/or descent, to "Return to Oropa", return home to the arms of the Black Madonna. The event, filled with numerous activities, will begin on Friday 8th of July and come to an end on Friday the 15th. "Museo dell'emigrante" helped to organize this event by providing documentation and iconographic material used to compose the complex program. We will also be participating in the conference titled "The Piedmontese emigrants, a heritage of stories to cherish", which will be held on Saturday, 9th of July at 10:00a.m. This will be a unique occasion to meet up, spend time together, while providing a chance for everyone to share tales and anecdotes of their migratory experience. 

Help us spread the news of this extraordinary event as far as possible! For more information about the program and/or the method of entry, please see the attachments listed below, or visit the website

Young painters on show 

From 28/5/2016 to 26/06/2016 

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Locandina

On Saturday May 28th the museum will begin its program of events for the year 2016 with an exhibition put together by the classes of the secondary school of Roasio. 

At 17:15 the students will delight us with a short concert put together with the help of their music teacher, Giuseppinga Grimaldi.

The artworks will be on display every Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00 until the 26th of June.


Contemporary art in... Cambodia


Raffaele Micheletti, Art in Cambodia, Emigrant museum, Roasio, Emigration

Sunday, 4th of October, Raffaele Micheletti will be at the Museum to present his book 'Contemporary art in...Cambodia'.

The author, born and raised in Roasio, will take us on a journey full of colours with pictures and stories from this wonderful land he loves so much.

The presentation will begin at 15:00 and as always is open to everyone.

A breath of Africa


Roasio, Emigration, Emigrant museum, Piemonte

The Museum, in collaboration with 'Passaggi sotto il Rosa' and 'Pro Loco di Roasio', are happy to present the second edition of 'A breath of Africa!

The event will take place on Sunday 30th of August at 16:00 and will involve music and dance from the group 'La vibration du Bénin'. The day will continue with a fashion show put together by designer Akpa Flavie, in which we will see her new collection of tradition african clothes.

'A breath of Africa' will end at around 18:00 with a delicious buffet offered to everyone by the 'Pro Loco'.

Rùasu me ca l'era

From 25/7/2015 to 25/10/2015

Roasio, vercelli, emigrant museum, historic pictures

From July 25th to October 25th, in conjunction with the opening hours of the Museum, visitors are invited to a temporary exhibition in honor of Roasio, it's people and it's traditions.

'Rùasu me ca l'era' ('Roasio how it used to be'), depicts fragments of daily life, moments of celebration, and postcards from a time long gone.

This event was possible thanks to all the people who generously donated these pictures, allowing us to show them to the public. To them goes all our gratitude. 

The art of Rhabdomancy


Aristide Viero, Rhabdomany, roasio, emigrant museum

Aristide Viero, coordinator of Geobiology and Bionatural disciplines for the Piedmont Region, will be at the Museum on Saturday 4th of July at 16:00. Mr.Viero, expert in rhabdomancy, will talk about his experience finding water in Kenya, and will also answer questions from the audience. Admission is free.

Annual Opening with Gigi Micheletti and his paintings

From 9/5/2015 to 28/06/2015

Gigi Micheletti, art, Roasio, emigrant museum

Saturday, 9th of May, the Museum will once again open its doors to visitors for another season of events, starting with an art exhibition by artist, Gigi Micheletti. The paintings, described as 'psyco-surrealist', will be on show every Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00 until the end of June.

New edition of our book: 'The village with the suitcase'


Village with the suitcase, Roasio, Emigrant museum, emigration, vercelli

We are delighted to announce that our book, "Il paese con la valigia" (The Village with the suitcase), has been revised, integrated and republished in a new edition.


This is the review written by Gianni Martini:


"You need courage to emigrate. To leave your roots, your friends, and often even your family, to find work and fortune. They know this well in Roasio, a little village in the centre of Vercelli, that conducted a census on its 1196 citizens who, suitcase and dreams in hand, decided to leave.

Africa the main destination. Construction the most common art. War and suffering of the black continent eventually slowed down the migratory flow and forced many to come back home. The book (250 pages full of memories, stories and pictures) is an act of love, a bow of admiration and respect.

At it's second edition, the volume is linked to the Museum of Roasio."

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