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Pictures, documents and objects

The permanent exhibition is set out in three rooms filled with stories of emigration that the people of Roasio have endured over the years.

Paper documents (passports, employment contracts, letters, cheques) and numerous photographs collected in the first two rooms of the museum tell us about their work, their travels and their everyday lives. From landscapes characterized by lush vegetation and exotic animals, emerge fragments of life made not only of struggles, hard work and nostalgia for the country of origin, but also of pastimes such as hunting and gatherings with friends and neighbours. 

The third room of the Museum also houses an interesting collection of African objects, including ritual masks, statues, musical instruments, jewellery and everyday objects.

books and magazines available for consultation


The Museum doesn't only collect documents and photographs, but it is also interested in gathering books, thesis and magazines involving emigration.

This collection, along with the identity records so far gathered, are available for consultation to anyone who requests them.

Multi-Purpose Hall: classes and exhibitions


The Museum is equipped with a multi-purpose hall where seasonally art exhibitions, book presentations, language courses and various other classes and events are held.

The hall is available, upon agreement with the Board and the Administration of Roasio, to whoever wishes to use it for educational purposes.

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