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Become part of the Museum

"Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio" is an association founded on volunteer work. Every single activity, from guided tours, to the organization behind exhibitions and events, research work, administration and promotion, are all done by people who volunteer their time to our cause.

We wish to continue celebrating the history of Roasio and its emigrants for generations to come, but to be able to do that, we need your support. 

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How you can help

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Sala 3

Become a volunteer

Get involved! Help us greet visitors, take them on guided tours, and give us a hand with the season's events. Don't have any experience in this field? It doesn't matter, we'll teach you! Contact us and let us know how much of your time you can donate!

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Books

Give information

Are you and emigrant or do you have pictures and information about others who have emigrated? Help us complete our archive by filling in your form. If you're not sure whether we already have information on you, or on your family members, write to us and we'll let you know! 

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Support

Donate or become
a member

The Museum is an act of love towards our territory and our history. The entrance is free of charge, and we dearly hope it remains this way. If you want to help us keep our doors open and guarantee our existence to future generations, you can either donate a sum of your choosing, or become a member of our association.


Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio


wishes to thank



 Regione Piemonte,

Provincia di Vercelli,

Comune di Roasio,

Architect Gianni Valz Blin, 

 Banca Popolare di Novara,

Centro Piemontese degli Studi Africani,

Dahls Flagfabrik A/S,

 D.T.V Construction Company Nigeria,


 Eagle Construction Limited Nigeria,


 Fondazione Agnelli,


 Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Biella,


Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Torino,


Fondazione Sella,


 Museo dell'emigrante of the Republic of San Marino,


 Rotary Club of Valle Mosso,


our members,


our volunteers


and everyone who contributed to building this Museum 

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