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Current events

We're closed for the season!
From 11/2023 to 06/2024

Emigrant Museum, Emigration, Roasio, Piemonte, Vercelli

Our 2023 season is officially closed. Museum activities and regular opening hours will resume in May 2024. 


Nevertheless, our volunteers are always available to welcome visitors who wish to book a tour in our off season, or to answer any enquiries(Find our contact details here).


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Past events


'A suitcase full of flavour & traditions 
- End of Summer 'Farmers and Crafts Market'
From 9/09/2023 to 17/09/2023

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Sapori e radici in valigia

We invite you to two weekends full of local traditions and products! ​


In fact, for two weekends in a row the multipurpose hall on the upper floor of our Museum will be filled with colors and traditions with a Hand Sewing Exhibition featuring the works created by two groups of quilters: The 'Sunflower girls' from Lombardy, and 'Le "Trame" Biellesi', a patchwork association specialized in the use of Biellese wool. The exhibition will follow the opening hours of the Museum and will therefore be open on Saturdays and Sundays from 15:00 to 18:00. During the day it will also be possible to ask questions and see live the various techniques used to create the precious artifacts on display

On Sunday September 17th, the courtyard of the Museum will host an end of the summer Farmers and Crafts Market that will delight us with local products, the same ones that our emigrants would have liked to fill their suitcases with before leaving for foreign lands! Among the products you'll be able to find: Rice, apples, fresh juice, craft beers, alpine cheeses, honey, jams, fruit, vegetables, flowers, seasonal wreaths, lavender-scented creations, wooden objects, and much more!

The fair will be open from 10:00am to 6:00pm.


Admission is free to both events and the Museum will remain open both weekends. The event will take place even in case of bad weather.


We're opened: Reservation only!
From 5/07/2020 to 25/10/2020

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Bandiere
Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Regole COVID-19

The flags have returned to fly above our entrance!


It's official: the Museum will reopen to the public on the first weekend of July! The Museum, which should have opened for the 2020 season on Sunday 2nd of May, will reopen only and exclusively on reservation starting from Sunday 5th of July. Following the Covid-19 pandemic and the restrictions currently underway, all activities (exhibitions, photographic projections, literary presentations, concerts) scheduled for this summer and autumn will be postponed.

On the other hand, the permanent exhibition will be open to visitors with its three rooms full of testimonies of life lived by the people of Roasio in their countries of emigration.

The first step towards the new season took place last week when our volunteers put back in place the 35 flags (one for each country in which Roasiani have worked) that every year indicate our reopening to the public.

Bookings must be made to Francesca Peretti, President of the Museum, at the number 0163-87818. Visits will take place mainly on Sundays.

Free admission.


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Chess tournament: Fourth edition 

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Locandina 4° Torneo di scacchi

In collaboration with the 'Scacchi club di Valle Mosso' we are pleased to announce the date of the fourth tournament 'Scacco al Museo', an open chess semi-field! This year the tournament will be held on Saturday 5th October.


The tournament is open to non-members and will also include prizes for Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8 players.

Registration will close at 2.30 pm, and the tournament will start at 2.45 pm. The registration fee for adults will be 10 Euros, while for Under 16s it will be 5 Euros.

For more information on the rules or game modes, click on the poster, or visit or write to

'Painting exhibition by Gigi Micheletti'
From 21/09/2019 to 22/09/2019

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Mostra Gigi Micheletti

On the 21st and 22nd of September the multipurpose hall on the upper floor of the Museum will be colored with an exhibition of paintings by Gigi Micheletti.

The exhibition will open at 17:00 with the presentation of the book by Bruno Scomparin titled "The recipes of the Way - towards Santiago de Compostela", a travel diary enriched with twenty-eight recipes typical of the places crossed while traveling along the Camino de Compostela.

The exhibition will also include the participation of the 'ARTISTIC EXCELLENCES' group. Free admission.

Marine Fossil Exhibition

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Mostra di fossili

The first event of the season will be a Marine Fossil Exhibition! On Sunday 5th of May Carlo Locca, curator of the Museum of Natural Sciences of Guardabosone, will exhibit a representation of Miocene marine fossils found along the Ostola, in the Achino hamlet.


Chess tournament: Third edition 

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Locandina Torneo di Scacchi

After last year's big success, the museum, in association with 'Scacchi club di Valle Mosso' is happy to announce the third edition of our very own chess tournament! The competition is open to members as well as non members of the club and will include prizes for players Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8. Registration will close at 14:30, and the tournament will begin at 14:45. The entry fee for adults is 10 Euro, while the entry fee for players Under 16 will be of 5 Euro. For more information regarding rules and regulations please visit or send an email to

Book presentation: Un giorno alla volta


Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Locandina Andrea Cantone

Sunday 23rd of September at 15:30 Andrea Cantone presents his first novel: Un giorno alla volta (One day at a time)


Lithuania, 1984. Marta is a little girl who lives in the city with her parents and her little brother. One day her father abandons the family and as a consequence they loose their house and are forced to escape to the country, an environment which Marta finds hostile. The little girl has to deal with death, loneliness, frustration, pain and the difficult relationship she has with both her parents and her life. This story covers a period of thirty years in which daily tasks become heroic. Told through the eyes of a fragile little girl who becomes a strong and independent woman, this is a story like many other but to often forgot, of someone trying to find their place in the world.

About the author:

Andrea Cantone was born in Biella in 1977. He graduated in Geology at the University of Turin and aside from working as a geologist in Vercelli he also teaches Mathematics and Science at a secondary school. In 2015 he welcomed his daughter Aurora, who this book is dedicated too. In November 2017 with his short story "Il ballo del diploma" he won first place at the National Literary Prize launched by the Associazione Letteraria Eterna of Rome. 'Un Giorno Alla Volta' is his first novel and it's inspired by the life of his Lithuanian wife. 


The Piedmont emigration in the world

From 16/06/2018 to 22/07/2018

Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

Giancarlo Libert, author of emigration, presents a photographic exhibition dedicated to the Piedmont emigration in the world.

The exhibition will open on Saturday 16th of June and end on Sunday 22nd of July.

Opening hours: Every Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00.

Admission is free.

Gli avventurosi coloni del Rio Coronda


Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

Sunday 17th of June Giovanni Barberis, journalist and author, will delight us, accompanied by Vittorina Barberis, with real stories of emigration from people who left Vercelli for Argentina in the XVII century. From unresolved mysteries and disappearances to stories of great accomplishments.

The reading will begin at 17:00.

Admission is free.             

New exhibition: Agricultural machinery and buggies

From 5/5/2018 to 10/06/2018 

Emigrant Museum, Emigration, Roasio, Piemonte, Vercelli

This season's first exhibition will be dedicated to scale models of agricultural machinery and colorful buggies made by Giuseppe Bersano. 

The exhibition will open on the 5th of May and will end on Sunday 10th of June. It will follow the museum's opening hours (Saturday and Sunday 15:00 - 18:00) and admission is free.


Museum on the road: Museo Leone (Vercelli) and Palazzo La Marmora (Biella)

From 16/09/2017 to 29/10/2017

Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

Busy weekend ahead: Two exhibitions about emigration on at the same time in two different places...and we'll be at both! The first one will be in Vercelli at the Leone Museum, and the second one will be in Biella, at Palazzo La Marmora.

Museo Leone:

The exhibition in Vercelli is titled 'In cerca di futuro' (Searching for a future) and will open on Saturday 16th at 16:30. Opening hours will be Tuesday to Friday from 15:00 to 17:30 and Saturday and Sunday from 10:00 to 12:00 to 15:00 to 18:00. 

Our museum will contribute by lending a number of African artifacts.

For more information please click on the flyer below.

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Locandina
Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

Palazzo La Marmora: The photographic exhibition titled 'Il destino in valigia' (Destiny in a suitcase) will open on Sunday 17th at 17:00 and is part of a bigger event called 'Confini migranti' (Migrant borders). In this case the museum participated donating two sets of photographs with two different themes. 

The exhibition will remain open until October 29th and will see numerous other activities and events planned. Opening hours are Friday and Saturday from 15:30 to 19:00, and Sunday from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:30 to 19:00.

For more information, please click on the image below.

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Locandina

Chess tournament: Second edition 


Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

After last year's big success, the museum, in association with 'Scacchi club di Valle Mosso' is happy to announce the second edition of our very own chess tournament! The competition is open to members as well as non members of the club and will include prizes for players Under 12, Under 10 and Under 8. Registration will close at 14:30, and the tournament will begin at 14:45. The entry fee for adults is 10 Euro, while the entry fee for players Under 16 will be of 5 Euro. For more information regarding rules and regulations please clik on the flyer, visit or send an email to

An introduction to meditation (Course presentation)


Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

In the last two years Suravi Cristina Micheletti has taught meditation in our multi-purpose hall, on Thursday the 28th, she'll present this activity to a brand new group of people. If you've always wondered what meditation is and what sort of benefits it can bring to your health, then come over at 21:00 and Suravi will answer all of your questions. 

Whoever wishes too may also try a bit of meditation directly on the night, so we suggest to come in comfortable clothing 

and to bring a small meditation bench (an alternative could be a firm cushion), a blanket and a yoga mat (an alternative could be an old blanket on which you can lie down on). 

For more information please contact Suravi Cristina Micheletti at: 334-3575978.

Drawings and Graphic Compositions

From 19/8/2017 to 24/09/2017

Roasio, museo dell'emigrante, emigrazione

Luciano Barbero, born and raised in Roasio, takes a break from his life of emigration (first in Nigeria, then Ghana, then Sierra Leone and now Greece) to present and exhibition in the building that was his old Elementary School... our Museum! Barbero, architect and author of various essays, articles and books about his work experiences around the world, will color our walls with his drawings and graphic compositions. 

The exhibition will open on Saturday 19th of August at 17:00 and end on Sunday 24th of September.

Visitors can enjoy the exhibition every Saturday and Sunday during museum opening hours.


La Voce di Brusnengo (The Voice of Brusnengo)

From 22/7/2017 to 13/08/2017

Roasio, museo dell'emigrante - Voce di Brusnengo

From 1948 to 1995, 'La Voce di Brusnengo' was the most loved and appreciated newspaper to all of our emigrants around the world. Everyone who had left Brusnengo and Roasio to search for a better life abroad waited anxiously for the postman to deliver this newspaper to their doorsteps, as these pages would make them feel closer to home. The articles covered every aspect of small town life, from births, to deaths, to weddings, to local news, to economy guides. 

The museum wishes to honor this piece of history by displaying the most fun and interesting articles, as well as giving all of our visitors the chance to read through the original copies of 'La Voce' ('The Voice').

The exhibition will open Saturday 22nd of July at 16:00, with a presentation by Piero Poverello, member of the editorial staff of the newspaper.

Market show with ethnic items 

From 20/5/2017 to 18/06/2017

Museo dell'emigrante di Roasio - Mostra etnica

Every Saturday and Sunday from May 20th to June 18th from 15:00 to 18:00 we will be hosting a market show filled with wonderful ethnic items. You will find clothes, artifacts and lots of original gift ideas. On the opening day we will also be serving exotic refreshments to all of our guests. 

Admission is free and the event is open to all. 

Annual opening: New permanent exhibition

From 6/5/2017 to 29/10/2017 

Emigrant Museum, Emigration, Roasio, Piemonte, Vercelli

The museum will re-open to the public Saturday 6th of May at 15:00, and will be free to visit every Saturday and Sunday from 15:00 to 18:00, until the 29th of October. As always the season will be full of events which are open to everyone, starting from the opening of our brand new permanent exhibition. To keep updated with our program, please subscribe to our mailing list or follow us on FacebookTwitter or Instagram

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